Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Africa, Boingo, etc..

Well I'm off to Africa, something I've dreamed about since I was a kid. Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar is the plan, along with a shoot for a travel agency that will take me on safari and hiking Kilimanjaro. This should be good.

With a 5 hour connection in Atlanta, I thought I'd buy a Boingo internet connection. For $7.95/24 hr period, you get a slow connection that will get blocked if you are using a lot of bandwidth. At least that's what happened to me while watching youtube and transferring files. Rebooting seems to get me back in though. Buyer beware, especially when buying things that ought to be free.

Editing to add: Seems like I didn’t have any problems with being locked out by Boingo in Amsterdam. Another communication problem popped up though and it seems AT&T did not enable roaming for my account and now my phone doesn’t work. I’ve been with them for years but in the absolute mess with their merger with Cingular, my account was transitioned from the old AT&T to the new AT&T and my roaming ability seemed to have dropped along the way. In trying to log into my account on their website, it seems like my old Cingular password didn’t work so I got locked out and applied for a new password. Instead of sending it through email, they text messaged me my new password. Brilliant idea on AT&T’s part for customers who are having service problems.

Today I tried calling their service number (long distance from Kenya), only to have my call dropped after I enter my phone number (when they try and transfer you to an agent). After getting dropped 3 times, I gave up. It just reminded me of my consulting days where I quickly found out that companies are often the worst at doing what they sell. The software companies had the most fragmented databases, the management consulting companies had the worst management structure, and here AT&T can’t seem to route my calls without dropping them. Now that I am thinking about this some more, photographers have the worst self portraits, I’m guilty here too. Agh....

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kazumiiwa said...

This is funny, but I am actually going to all three places in December. I will be checking your blog to see your adventure.