Saturday, February 20, 2010

Long Exposure Noise Reduction and High ISO Noise Reduction in Canon Cameras

I finally broke down and got a Canon 5D Mark II a while back and when reading the manual, I found the noise reduction info somewhat lacking. Namely, I use Lightroom almost exclusively, and was wondering if LR was able to make use of the noise reduction features such as "High Exposure Noise Reduction" and "Long Exposure Noise Reduction" (many times the NR data is saved as metadata, and 3rd party apps can't read it). Searching on the web didn't reveal much about Long Exposure NR so I emailed my CPS rep and Check Westfall at Canon. Here is the conversation:

Hi Bob and Chuck,

Question… I know the data from turning on High ISO noise reduction isn’t used by 3rd party software like Lightroom, but what about Long Exposure NR? Does the long exposure noise reduction change the actual pixel data in the RAW file or is it separate data that isn’t used by lightroom?



Hi, Tommy:

Long exposure noise reduction applies to RAW data as well as in-camera JPEGs. Adobe software such as Lightroom and ACR will "see" it because it's already in the image data before RAW conversion.

Best Regards,
Chuck Westfall


So there it is in case you were wondering. If you use Lightroom, turning on Long Exposure NR will make a difference but High ISO NR won't.

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